ASUS C213S Enrollment

Tom Whipps -

This is the current enrollment procedure as of January 2018. This procedure will require the following components:

  • ASUS C213S Chromebook
  • ASUS Chromebook Power Adaptor
  • Keystroke Injector

Initial Setup.

  1. Unbox the Chromebook and power adaptor.
    1. Discard the protective wrap and keyboard wrap.
    2. Discard the box and warranty book.
    3. Connect the two halves of the power adaptor.
    4. Plug the power adaptor into a 110v socket.
    5. Open the Chromebook.

  2. Plug the USB-C cable into the Chromebook using the Left USB-C port and wait for the Power LED to light up.

  3. Press the power button on the rear left of the Chromebook.
    • It may take 5-10 for the device to show an image on the screen for the first time. This is normal.

  4. Wait for the first prompt to appear before proceeding to the Device Enrollment portion of these instructions.


Device Enrollment

  1. Ensure that  is highlighted.

  2. Connect the keystroke injector to any available USB-A port.

  3. Allow the injector to:
    • Setup WiFi
    • Disable reporting
    • Login to Enterprise Enrollment

  4. When the enrollment login has completed, you will see the following screen:

  5. Remove the keystroke injector and allow the enrollment to complete.

  6. Once the enrollment has completed, click "DONE" and confirm that the login screen appears like the following image:

  7. You may now close the Chromebook. This device is ready for use.
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