I need to connect to my Apple TV...

Tom Whipps -

The Basics

1. Make sure that your projector is turned on and is displaying the AirPlay screen saver.

2. Your Apple TV should display that it is connected to either WPS-Apple_TV, or in some cases WPS-Staff. If it shows that it's connected to WPS-Student, or WPS-Guest, discontinue troubleshooting and submit a ticket to support@wilmette39.org to have this corrected.

3. Make sure that your device is connected to WPS-Staff for staff devices, or WPS-Student for student devices.

4. Make sure that your device's Bluetooth is enabled. (MAC INSTRUCTIONS)

5. Click the AirPlay 1200px-AirPlay_Video_logo.png icon on your Menu Bar to pull up the list of available Apple TVs.

6. If you see your room, click it and enter the Apple TV 4 digit password if prompted. If your room is not listed or will not connect, proceed to the TROUBLESHOOTING steps below.



1. Power cycle your WiFi.

  • Turn WiFi off through the WiFi icon in the Menu Bar.

  • Wait for it to turn off, then turn WiFi back on and refer to The Basics: Step 3

2. Power cycle your Bluetooth.

  • Turn off your Bluetooth with the icon in the Menu Bar.

  • Wait for it to turn off, then turn Bluetooth back on.

3. Power cycle your Apple TV.

  • Locate your Apple TV remote.
  • Press and hold the Menu and Display buttons until the Apple TV shuts off. Then release the buttons.

4. Please proceed to The Basics: Step 5. If these steps did not solve your issue, please submit a ticket for support.


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